I made a tutorial about Unity and Coroutines in C#…

17 11 2014

Now that Block Break Air Hockey has been released (and is now in version 1.1), I’m taking my time to do some smaller projects while I wait for Unity 4.6’s full release to hit. One such project is doing tutorial videos for issues that, while really obvious, can sometimes be missed.

In this case, I had a big issue with Coroutines when making them in C# in Unity for the purposes of having actions happen on a delay. I spent weeks searching for an answer but couldn’t really find one. Fortunately a helpful goon in the Something Awful forums game dev thread answered my question, and I decided to take that solution, work it into a video tutorial, and share it with the world. Yes it’s a simple problem, but often we overlook these issues.

I recommend watching it on YouTube’s own page so you can see the text easier. Hopefully I can make more simple tutorials in the future, but this is it for now.

Smash Bros. 3DS and Circle Pad Woes

12 11 2014

So I got Super Smash Bros. for 3DS at launch, and now that I’ve played with it over the past few weeks I think it’s finally brought to light my one major problem with the Nintendo 3DS. The Circle Pad is a poor substitute for an actual Analog Stick. This became most noticeable whenever I tried to sprint, often walking when I didn’t want to, or vice-versa. Another big problem was throwing items, in that it feels like only 25% of the time trying to do a Smash-L throw of an item it either doesn’t work or my character just dismissively tosses the item over their shoulder instead of into their foe’s face like this Gordo here:

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Block Break Air Hockey now released on Kongregate

11 11 2014

Title pretty much says it all. It’s been 17 months, some of which I should’ve spent working longer on it, but the game is now released. I’ll have a detailed post-mortem to follow but for now if you want to play it, you can find it on Kongregate by clicking here. Unity Web Player is of course, required.

BBAH Candidate Screenshot

Almost Done, but with a name change: Block Break Air Hockey dev blog

4 11 2014

So yeah, Version 1.0 of the game is almost finished, and I decided that I really didn’t like the name “Shuffle Breaker” anymore so I cahnged it to “Block Break Air Hockey” which is a bit more unwieldy admittedly, but I like it better. I’ve had a couple people testing it, just about all the issues have been accounted for. All that remains is one more pass for good luck and then I’m going to try to submit it to Kongregate. After that’s done, I’ll of course support it based on feedback, and I’ll definitely be looking into making a mobile version especially now that my parents gave me a Kindle Fire HD for my birthday, so now I have both FireOS and Android to consider deploying to.

And then after that? Well I plan to be revisiting an older game I worked on to try and make that a full-fledged application as well. But more about that when I come to it.