Punt: Suburban Assault Riders Dev Blog #3

27 02 2013

Welp, due to some life stuff (like moving again) and changing up the way that Suburban Assault Riders would play, it looks like I’m going to have to punt on this month for One Game a Month. It pains me to do so but I’d rather have something working done and keep my sanity intact rather than pull 2 all-nighters and wind up with something half-finished that doesn’t work right.

The big change came because I decided to change the game from quasi-free-roam like Jackal into a Spy Hunter-esque vertical shooter. This also required some careful manipulation of things like camera controls for auto scrolling. As such I still don’t even have a full level, much less enemies to populate it with. For comparison this is the old viewpoint.

Suburban Assault Riders Old View

And here’s the new one, which is more reminiscent of an arcade cabinet’s view

Suburban Assault Riders New View

Still, I’m going to keep with it (and most likely will be working on this game into March as well) since I still love the idea it’s just a matter of getting it to work right.


Still working on it, Suburban Assault Riders Dev Blog #2

12 02 2013

I don’t have any new screens to show since most of the work right now is in code and the like, but Suburban Assault Riders is coming along nicely. I now have an animated walk cycle for people (although it looks kinda goofy) and they’re coded to shoot back at the enemy. Just posting to say I haven’t like, given up after 2 days or anything. Right now I’m trying to figure out how much I can do in February, and then perhaps follow it up in a later month with a more “full” version.

EDIT: Also I’m trying to spruce up my portfolio and my Ludography pages, so have this:

Yes I totally did whip this Under Construction Sign up in like 5 minutes just to do this

Yes I totally did whip this Under Construction Sign up in like 5 minutes just to do this

Suburban Assault Riders Dev Blog 1

7 02 2013

My game for One Game a Month for February is going to be a bit of an homage to the classic Konami NES game Jackal that i’m calling Suburban Assault Riders. Instead of driving through the jungle rescuing POWs, you’re driving through Suburbia fighting a faceless corporation who is totally not Omni Consumer Products because I totally wasn’t watching Robocop last night.

So far I don’t have much aside from a design document and these three protagonist vehicles I whipped up in GraphicsGale. Hopefully I should have enough time between work and such to keep at it though.

Protagonist Vehicles

Protagonist Vehicles

The Red car is based on a Ferrari, the green pickup is based on a Chevrolet Silverado (with a side-mounted gatling gun as an homage to Tango & Cash), and the Blue sedan is based on the Subaru WRX. Each one will have it’s own different upgrade path for weapons. I haven’t decided if I’m going to have the player vehicles have health or if they’ll just die in one hit, we’ll see.

Keep watching this blog for more to come.

You Have to Hit the Block 2D Dev Blog #2

3 02 2013

So it only took me 2 dev blogs but YHTHTB2D is done for the time being. I submitted it with about 30 minutes to go in the month of January, which is cutting it close I admit. Apologies if the screenshots don’t look right, WordPress keeps messing up some of my uploads; occasionally they get fixed. Click for the full image which should show up just fine.

Platforms and Junk


Again it’s only 4 levels long, given the restrictions of the free version of Game Maker Studio. There’s also quite a few bugs, including one where if you land on top of The Block it hangs for a second, kills you, and restarts it. I also didn’t get around to locking the player’s controls whenever they do hit the block, or even stopping all animations and whatnot. Still learning the ropes as it were.

I did really enjoy using Game Maker Studio though and I’m definitely grabbing the Professional version for February. If you’d like to download the game, you can find it at onegameamonth.com or just download it directly from here