Halfway Point: Ablation Dev Blog #4

16 03 2013

Level 1 is all but completed now, as well as the score and other HUD elements:


Granted I’m still working on some elements (for example, no upgrade level indicator nor is there a lives indicator) but the rest of the essentials are there. This next week I plan to spend on the next level as well as cleaning up some stuff in the back end.

Saturday Midnight’s All Right for Updates : Ablation Dev Blog #2

9 03 2013

I’m going to be mostly away from my main work station this weekend since I’m visiting my parents, but I have gotten quite a bit done this week. The level now scrolls, I have enemies in place (right now they respawn if they leave the bottom of the screen without dying, I may change that), and the player can shoot them and collect upgrades. I don’t have all the upgrades fully finished yet, but I’m working towards it. Screenshots and Videos after the jump:
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Punt: Suburban Assault Riders Dev Blog #3

27 02 2013

Welp, due to some life stuff (like moving again) and changing up the way that Suburban Assault Riders would play, it looks like I’m going to have to punt on this month for One Game a Month. It pains me to do so but I’d rather have something working done and keep my sanity intact rather than pull 2 all-nighters and wind up with something half-finished that doesn’t work right.

The big change came because I decided to change the game from quasi-free-roam like Jackal into a Spy Hunter-esque vertical shooter. This also required some careful manipulation of things like camera controls for auto scrolling. As such I still don’t even have a full level, much less enemies to populate it with. For comparison this is the old viewpoint.

Suburban Assault Riders Old View

And here’s the new one, which is more reminiscent of an arcade cabinet’s view

Suburban Assault Riders New View

Still, I’m going to keep with it (and most likely will be working on this game into March as well) since I still love the idea it’s just a matter of getting it to work right.

Still working on it, Suburban Assault Riders Dev Blog #2

12 02 2013

I don’t have any new screens to show since most of the work right now is in code and the like, but Suburban Assault Riders is coming along nicely. I now have an animated walk cycle for people (although it looks kinda goofy) and they’re coded to shoot back at the enemy. Just posting to say I haven’t like, given up after 2 days or anything. Right now I’m trying to figure out how much I can do in February, and then perhaps follow it up in a later month with a more “full” version.

EDIT: Also I’m trying to spruce up my portfolio and my Ludography pages, so have this:

Yes I totally did whip this Under Construction Sign up in like 5 minutes just to do this

Yes I totally did whip this Under Construction Sign up in like 5 minutes just to do this

LD October Update

25 10 2012

Well at least it’s still October. Sorry I’ve been so quiet, between starting a new job and working on the Ludum Dare October stuff I’ve been a bit pressed for time. I figured I’d at least people know what I’ve been up to on that front though.

I admit my idea is pretty derivative, it’s basically similar to Missile Command only your launcher and the objects you’re protecting are in the middle of the screen, thus causing attacks to come at you from all sides.

I’m still tweaking a lot of stuff. For example the score UI is way too big (at least for this resolution) and the missile’s attack angles aren’t too good at the moment. In addition, I don’t even know if I’m going to keep this in space or not, or just make the object you’re protecting a seastead floating in the middle of the Atlantic or something. Still, at the very least I’m learning a lot more about NGUI and programming in general, so at the very least embarking on this project has helped me greatly.