IL-2: Now with more Nostalgia

7 04 2010

I had a brainstorm after my last entry. Remembering that the classic Command & Conquer: Red Alert had a WWII-era Yakolev fighter in it, I decided to repaint the Yak-9 (of which the Red Alert unit was derived from) in the style of the unit from that game, this is the result.

Almost seems like parade colors

Underbelly View

An unlucky BF-109 painted in SA's G├╝nwaffe livery gets ventilated by the Yak's cannon

I wish I could provide an image of the Yak from Red Alert for comparison but it’s very hard to find an image of good quality for it.

Great moments in Balance-Breaking history

11 07 2009

Possibly the biggest problem that faces many game designers, especially those that design an FPS or an RTS, is making sure the game is balanced properly. In strategy cases that means no one unit will automatically trump all others no matter what, and in FPS cases the same applies for a weapon. Despite the best intents of even some of the greatest developers, balance-breaking weapons and units sometimes slip through the cracks, and I thought I’d take the time to point out some of the ones I’ve personally encountered.
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