Sliding into 2014, Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

31 12 2013

So 2013 is at an end, and I’m still working on Shuffle Breaker. This is good because it’s probably the longest I’ve stuck with one of my little game projects, having tinkered with it over the last six months, but bad because I was hoping I’d be a bit further along than I was before. Anyway, here are a couple screenshots, now showing off the new floor for the “environment” complete with some normal mapping.

Tiled Flooring in Shuffle BreakerCarpet Flooring in Shuffle Breaker

See you all next year, hopefully with this little project growing by leaps and bounds.

Insomnia: Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

21 10 2013

I can’t sleep so now is as good a time as any to put up some more screenshots. I had rather stupidly said in my last post about Shuffle Breaker that it was hard to convey “I have a two-player mode” in screenshots. Well I think it gets across a bit better when you have a New Camera Angle!


View From the Top

Ok maybe it’s not that impressive but still. Also implemented is the option to switch control methods via the options menu

Ignore the FPS info from FRAPSStill pretty minimal-looking but I do plan to expand on it once I have more of the core functionality down (and option permanence). Keep watching this space for more updates!

Screenshot-less Saturday: Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

28 09 2013

No screenshots today unfortunately, it’s hard to convey “I have 2-player mode” with a screenshot. I keep meaning to do a dev blog video but I just can’t find the time, which is frustrating because I used to love doing videos of things (let’s plays mostly).

Anyway the 2-player controls work pretty well though right now players are sharing a keyboard cause I haven’t implemented an option to set a control option (keyboard, mouse, or gamepad) although that is the next step. And then? Probably going to work on getting some sound in this game.