Prop Department: Slush Fund Dev Blog

18 04 2011

Still keeping the map name as “Slush Fund” for the moment. However I have been hard at work finishing texturing the map, as well as making lighting adjustments and adding props. Prop additions are coming along nicely, I had to dig into some publicly-released content from in order to populate the vault with some riches but I think it’s turning out pretty well.

Second Capture point with some added walls

RED spawn now with a vent system running through it.

A room full of Data Reels. Lighting needs some work.

Some stacks of gold bars in the Vault

A safety deposit box room for added scenery.

Another look at the Vault

Looking a bit more like a bank now.

Added some signs to the building exteriors

Beginning to populate the Warehouse

Lastly, as an added bonus, here’s a screengrab taken from the playtest where the server host hacked in a bunch of sentry turrets all tied to his player and then created a laser light show with the Wrangler.

Detailing: Slush Fund Dev Blog

8 04 2011

No screenshots this time around, mostly it’s just me detailing plus adding a couple walls where there weren’t walls before. In addition to that I’m also finishing up all the texture work, and little by little adding more props into the game.

The good news is that so far my map optimization has gone pretty well, reducing a 100 minute render time down to about 10. I also got some feedback through a 4v4 map test, which is less than I hoped for but still decent enough for some people to comment on things like the layout. Overall the reaction was positive but there was definitely room for improvement. Namely the amount of health and ammo packs in the map, as well as making it a bit easier for players to see where they need to go. Both of which are being addressed for the Alpha 2 version of the map.

Lastly, I found out there’s a map called “slush” currently in the contest on, leading me to contemplate a name change. One of my friends suggested “Frozen Assets” which I kind of like.