Coming soon, Some UDK stuff

29 10 2011

So I know it’s been a while again, I’ve mostly been busy with work and as part of that I’ve been learning how to use the UDK more and more. After following some tutorials I feel I’ve got a better grasp of things and am now ready to try branching out into making something without following a bunch of pre-set instructions. Hopefully in the coming days and weeks I’ll have some progress to show.

No I’m not going to do another sign pun, that’s too obvious

3 10 2011

So about a week ago I finished most of the signs for my friend, I’m not going to put them all up, but I think I will put up what I felt was the best of the bunch.

I feel this did a pretty good job of looking worn by desert weather without going too crazy. It’s one of the signs for the vehicle gunnery range as can sort of be inferred.

I had a lot of fun making the signs especially since I learned a few new techniques in the process. Anyway that’s all for me for the moment.