At least Sisyphus didn’t have to call Tech Support

20 05 2015

So right after I talked about appreciating the small victories, I got handed a not-so-small defeat. My motherboard ended up burning out, thus cementing my dislike of MSI motherboards, and further cementing my dislike of Intel’s factory-provided CPU cooling fan/heat sink combo. Some time (and money) later, I now have my computer back online with a new motherboard (Asus) and a liquid coolant setup so I don’t have to deal with that fan nonsense again.

Since then I haven’t been doing as much as i’d like, though I did create another entry in my “Roguelike’s Gallery” video series, talking about Teleglitch, which you can see here (part one of three).

And I am, still, slowly, working on Ablation, having now added a few enemies and finally fixed the player movement. Here have a .gif of progress.

Pew Pew Pew

It does run a bit fast but oh well, you can see the gist. I’m currently trying to get the upgrade system in place and then have a first level ready to go. I wish I was a lot more dilligent on this kind of stuff but I’m getting back into the groove.

Small Miracles: Ablation Dev Blog #6

31 03 2013

Despite Internet issues this weekend, I finally managed to finish the Beta of Ablation and submit it to One Game a Month, where it now sits on my profile page here. You can download it either from that link or the direct dropbox link here. I’m hoping later this year to come back to it and finish it up. I’ll have a postmortem post up within the next couple days as well as possibly some more video footage, but for now enjoy the 3 level beta and these images a friend made up for the Gold Jackal and Blue Bobcat on the ship select screen:

Gold Jackal

Blue Bobcat

The Way Forward: Ablation Dev Blog #5

25 03 2013

I finally have a video up of the first level being played through…by me. And not very well I might add. But it’s a video all the same. There are still a few technical issues like the maneuvering I added to a few ships not quite working out so well, and that upgrade canister getting stuck in the top part of the screen partway through. But it’s coming along quite nicely (which is good given that I only have 6 days left). This also marks the first in-game appearance of the second player ship, Blue Bobcat.

You can see the video here. Music isn’t for the game itself as I mention in the description; I just decided to throw “The Way Forward” by Richie Kotzen up as a backing track.

Racking up Points: Ablation Dev Blog #3

11 03 2013

So today I finally slapped some more enemies into the mix as well as added health and score systems. You can check out the results of that here on YouTube.

Granted there are some problems. The score and high score aren’t aligned vertically, it’s still a bit too easy to die, and the level boss shows up after 10 seconds (although that was a test of the timer). I’m feeling really good about where I am at this point of the month though, with 1/3 of it down I have almost all the framework in place to just bulldoze on ahead and make my game.

A new month: Ablation Design Blog #1

3 03 2013

Back in 2010 I created a Geometry-Wars-esque game I called “Ablative Starfighter”. In it your upgrades affected your speed, but you could eject them as a bomb weapon. For March in One Game a Month, I am revisiting that concept as I originally envisioned it: a Vertical Shooter. Right now I’m calling it “Ablation” instead of Ablative Starfighter since I like the conciseness a bit better.

So far I’m mostly just working on the assets (although I did have a couple assets made back when I was really getting into pixel art), and thus I don’t have much to show except for this potential boss enemy:

Ablation Level 1 Boss

I’m hoping 384×384 is big enough, considering my player sprites are going to be about 64×64. Guess we’ll have to see what the rest of the month brings.

A Real Donnybrook of Solo Game Development

10 12 2009

One of the bigger problems of being a person that does not really enjoy programming is that, even when I learn how to program it still remains a chore. Case in point, I’ve been experimenting with Flash CS4 enough to the point where I can make a vertical shooter. I also understand enough about ActionScript to the point where I think I can make an idea I’ve had in my head for the past 9 months a reality. The problem is that, as a non-programmer, the idea of doing more programming turns me off the idea entirely. Having said that though I plan to use this weekend to at least get something achieved graphically to start showing the idea in its most basic form, and then hope that maybe i’ll be more open to trying to code it. It’s not so much sophisticated as it is that I haven’t found a good enough tutorial on powerup chains/tiers (like in shooters like Gradius or Raiden) yet.