2013 In Review

19 01 2014

I’ll have some more information about Shuffle Breaker in a bit, for now though here is a YouTube video compiling my work over 2013 into a bit of a portfolio piece.

Also I’ll be attending Global Game Jam 2014 this year cause I got lucky with the way my work schedule sorted out for that week. Should be fun!

You Have to Hit the Block 2D Dev Blog #2

3 02 2013

So it only took me 2 dev blogs but YHTHTB2D is done for the time being. I submitted it with about 30 minutes to go in the month of January, which is cutting it close I admit. Apologies if the screenshots don’t look right, WordPress keeps messing up some of my uploads; occasionally they get fixed. Click for the full image which should show up just fine.

Platforms and Junk


Again it’s only 4 levels long, given the restrictions of the free version of Game Maker Studio. There’s also quite a few bugs, including one where if you land on top of The Block it hangs for a second, kills you, and restarts it. I also didn’t get around to locking the player’s controls whenever they do hit the block, or even stopping all animations and whatnot. Still learning the ropes as it were.

I did really enjoy using Game Maker Studio though and I’m definitely grabbing the Professional version for February. If you’d like to download the game, you can find it at onegameamonth.com or just download it directly from here

You Have to Hit the Block 2D Dev Blog #1

26 01 2013

So uh…this is a thing I’ve been doing:
You Have to Hit the Block: Screenshot 1

This is the really simple intro level to my 2D re-envisioning of You Have to Hit the Block. Since Game Maker: Studio’s free version only allows for 5 rooms, I sorta have to do the “tutorials” in the levels. Right now it’s pretty simple with no enemies and so forth, but that will change. I know it’s only going to be 4 levels long but this is more of a proof-of-concept than anything else. I should have more to show as we get closer to the end of January (which I know is a whole 5 days away).