20 12 2009

Uninspiring title but I figured it fit. So I’ve finally had some time to play around with the newly-updated TF2 now that a lot of the serious bugs (most of them related to Steam connections) have been ironed out. It’s a lot of fun. So far I’ve only unlocked the Direct Hit (precision rocket launcher that trades splash damage for speed and damage) and the Equalizer (pickaxe that does more damage and increases your speed depending on how little health you have, also has a taunt that causes the soldier to cook off a grenade in a suicidal explosion that causes 450 damage in a 6-foot radius). The Equalizer so far is my favorite of the two. Being able to travel almost as fast as a scout when at critical health and being able to dish out massive melee damage as a result is a sick amount of fun and a good way to take one, two, or even more guys out with you in a rush that would make even the miners of 1849 look like turtles.

I also had some time to experiment with the crafting system. So far I only really know how to make scrap metal out of 3 of the same item, and all I had on hand for that was 3 extra ubersaws, but I think this works out since it means people have to do a lot of crafting and thus have to play for a long time to work up to stuff they want, thus keeping the system from being abused (in theory).

Oh and in case anybody doesn’t know somehow, the soldier just barely edged out a victory over the demoman, securing the unique fourth item which is a pair of boots that reduces rocket jump damage. Ideally an item that would truly benefit either class so a good idea from Valve indeed.

Craft Fair

14 12 2009

So over the past few days Valve (yes, I’m talking about them again) are doing not only their dual Soldier and Demoman class update, but they’ve also decided to add a competition to it, in which whichever class kills more of the other gets an exclusive 4th class upgrade. Pretty nifty in my opinion, which apparently is not shared by a lot of people on the Internet because they still think the L4D2 boycott is still going on (I’ll get to that in a moment). Over the weekend however, Valve introduced something that is either a great idea or it has the potential to be the idea that finally breaks TF2.
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A Real Donnybrook of Solo Game Development

10 12 2009

One of the bigger problems of being a person that does not really enjoy programming is that, even when I learn how to program it still remains a chore. Case in point, I’ve been experimenting with Flash CS4 enough to the point where I can make a vertical shooter. I also understand enough about ActionScript to the point where I think I can make an idea I’ve had in my head for the past 9 months a reality. The problem is that, as a non-programmer, the idea of doing more programming turns me off the idea entirely. Having said that though I plan to use this weekend to at least get something achieved graphically to start showing the idea in its most basic form, and then hope that maybe i’ll be more open to trying to code it. It’s not so much sophisticated as it is that I haven’t found a good enough tutorial on powerup chains/tiers (like in shooters like Gradius or Raiden) yet.

Renovating the site.

7 12 2009

I’ve moved some things around on the site, so some people may have to update their bookmarks (yeah I know, what people?). The sidebar will show the changes most clearly but I’ll also list them here.

1. Artwork has now been arranged by genre (although I still need to figure out where the TF2-related work I’ve done should go).
2. the link for the Game Development page in my portfolio is updated as such. I changed the permalink slightly.
3. I added a contact page, which is really just my email address for now.

Just some news

1 12 2009

Just a quick update on my various goings-on I guess. I’m probably going to end up rearranging my on-site portfolio so the images are grouped by genre instead of by project, which will make viewing relevant work a lot easier. I’ve also been working on development in Flash so I can start prototyping some design ideas, as well as possibly explore publishing iPhone apps once CS5 comes out. I know I’ve said things about the iPhone in the past but sometimes you have to let personal feelings go in favor of job opportunities as well as just exploring what you can do with certain technologies. And to be honest the accelerometer gives me a few interesting ideas.

I know it doesn’t really reflect well on me to flitter about from idea to idea, but that’s what I’m seeing a doctor for (i.e. figure out what’s up with that), but that’s not really pertinent. It’s also because I have the problem of having too many ideas and wanting to get them all out at the same time.