Craft Fair

14 12 2009

So over the past few days Valve (yes, I’m talking about them again) are doing not only their dual Soldier and Demoman class update, but they’ve also decided to add a competition to it, in which whichever class kills more of the other gets an exclusive 4th class upgrade. Pretty nifty in my opinion, which apparently is not shared by a lot of people on the Internet because they still think the L4D2 boycott is still going on (I’ll get to that in a moment). Over the weekend however, Valve introduced something that is either a great idea or it has the potential to be the idea that finally breaks TF2.
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Rebels without a Clue

24 11 2009

I have decided, at long last, to put down my own thoughts on the recent heavy trend of gamers threatening to boycott games if certain things are not done. Specifically this is about my personal experiences going up against the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott, but also from talking to people who have complained about what Activision and Infinity Ward did with Modern Warfare 2 (but still play it anyway).

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Expansion Packs: For those Who Remember Them

8 09 2009

Back in the day, by which I mean the 1990s, we didn’t have Downloadable Content. Instead PC Gamers would often throw down 30-50 dollars on a piece of software that usually would only work if they owned another piece of software. Crazy, you might say, but it’s true. They were called Expansion Packs. In the days of people citing $10 for 5-10 hours of extra gameplay as a ripoff, it’s hard for me to take that seriously considering the prices spent on Expansion Packs back in the day. So with that in mind it’s time to fire up the time machine of gaming knowledge that is my mind and find what I feel to be the best 3 expansion packs I ever spent money on. Also there will be spoilers.
(I’m sure most of you who read this know what an expansion pack was)