Screenshot-less Saturday: Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

28 09 2013

No screenshots today unfortunately, it’s hard to convey “I have 2-player mode” with a screenshot. I keep meaning to do a dev blog video but I just can’t find the time, which is frustrating because I used to love doing videos of things (let’s plays mostly).

Anyway the 2-player controls work pretty well though right now players are sharing a keyboard cause I haven’t implemented an option to set a control option (keyboard, mouse, or gamepad) although that is the next step. And then? Probably going to work on getting some sound in this game.

Observe how nGUI it is: Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

15 09 2013

Ok so I know it’s been almost 3 months since I posted, and that’s pretty bad. I’ve just been busy with life stuff while working on my game things one little bit at a time. That said, I have made some progress.

First off, nGUI has been implemented into the game.

Beforehand it looked like this:

Shufflepuckin'Now it looks like this:


Soccer TimesAs you can see I’ve also implemented new table styles as well, and changed how the paddles look. The AI has also been improved along with that. In addition to having an nGUI scoreboard, I now also have an nGUI-backed main menu.

Drop Down, Reverse DirectionThe options menu for now is just in control of selecting the table styles, but I love how well it’s working out.

As for what’s next, I’ll be working on implementing a 2-player local mode, as well as making a few more tweaks, including adding vertical movement to the paddles for some more challenging play.