Shifting Gears

18 06 2011

So yeah I know I haven’t yet put up a gallery for Frozen Assets. That’s mostly because I’m not quite sure what to do with it. While the contest at isn’t quite over it’s become pretty clear I’m going to be the one at the bottom of the list, and that’s ok. I made quite a few mistakes (especially in testing) and I definitely didn’t detail the map as well as I could have. So in theory I could spend some more time fixing it up, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it given the inherent balance problems that many reviewers mentioned. I guess they were right in calling it a first map as well, but spending 2 years learning Hammer only to make mistakes that I also made with Aleutia kind of stings a bit.

However if nothing else I can at least learn from this and move onward. With that in mind CTF_Server_Farms has been almost completely torn down with the intent to rescale and start over. Either that or I might try making another KOTH map now that I have a better grasp on 3D skyboxes.

Of course there’s other stuff that’s been taking up my time, namely learning Blender as well as learning Unity in an attempt to get back on the independent game development horse as it were. Now that I’ve found some good books and tutorials for both Blender 2.5x and Unity 3.x I’ve been making great progress and I really feel like I’m capable of doing something with both pieces of software. But time will tell of course.

And for the few who read this that don’t know yet, the biggest piece of news I have was that I got a job at Irrational Games for a contract QA position. Granted that means temporary work but it does mean I’m back doing work that I enjoy in the industry I love.