Craft Fair

14 12 2009

So over the past few days Valve (yes, I’m talking about them again) are doing not only their dual Soldier and Demoman class update, but they’ve also decided to add a competition to it, in which whichever class kills more of the other gets an exclusive 4th class upgrade. Pretty nifty in my opinion, which apparently is not shared by a lot of people on the Internet because they still think the L4D2 boycott is still going on (I’ll get to that in a moment). Over the weekend however, Valve introduced something that is either a great idea or it has the potential to be the idea that finally breaks TF2.

Valve has decided to introduce a crafting system into Team Fortress 2. From what can be gathered so far, players will be able to take items they get and, with the help of blueprints that I’m guessing will be included in the random drops, be able to create their own weapons, hats, etc. This serves the purpose of getting rid of your duplicate weapons and getting you items that you have had the hardest trouble finding and blaming Valve when you cheat to get them (i.e. Hats).

I’m of two minds on this. On the one hand I can now get rid of duplicates without throwing them out. On the other hand it all depends on how they do it. If they have it so the stats aren’t changed between each created item, then good. If not, then we’re getting into MMO territory which could be bad. Personally I’m not going to pre-judge the idea until I’ve really had a chance to experience it, because it’ll no doubt have a lot of bugs to work out at first, plus I don’t know enough about it right now.

As to the comment about complaining on the Internet again, well just look at the link I provided and see that Valve has already provided their own, hilarious counterpoints; embracing the belief that haters will always hate and it’s no big deal to them.




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