Appreciate the Small Victories

17 04 2015

About 8 months ago I had, sort of on a whim, created a texture and material package of various wood textures (floors, walls, etc.) and put it on the Unity Asset Store. Not being very good at self-promotion nothing really came of it, which I guess was to be expected. However, a couple days ago I got an email that told me I had received some money from Unity. Turns out someone bought the texture pack last month. Turns out someone else bought it this month too. Granted that’s just two sales, but as the title points out, appreciate the small victories. And I want to thank both those people that bought the package, even if they never read this, and even if they think it’s bad and they wasted $2. I’m still grateful that those two people thought the package was at least worth more than a glance.

Technically this also makes me a professional designer now, so yeah, small victories!

Going up, I guess (small Ablation update)

9 04 2015

I made yet another version of the upgrade capsule for Ablation (this will be the third version of it since the initial concept back in 2010), here it is in animated gif form at 256×256 (original is 32×32)


Originally I was going to dither the “light bar” but I think this works well too.

Obligatory “he has risen” joke

5 04 2015

Not much to report, just trying to post something even if it’s not substantial. Been still working on a demo level for Ablation, almost have enough in place to do it too, just a bit more art and then some heavy-duty programming. Sometimes when I get frustrated with all this I remember it feels rewarding to see things come together, or to program something and have it work right on the first try. That said, I wish I had something more tangible to show right now, but I don’t. Someday soon though.