Habitat for Humanity’s Future – Habitat Quick Look

28 07 2014

About a week ago a friend gifted me a copy of Habitat, a game on Steam Early Access. It’s a Unity-powered physics-based strategy game where you have to constuct habitats out of the tons of space junk in Earth’s orbit, as well as fend off hostiles while securing humanity’s future. It’s a lot of fun even if there’s really only a sandbox mode right now, and I made a video about it which you can see below.

Stop me before I buy again

6 08 2011

I know I’ve been pretty quiet, mostly due to work, but I thought I’d talk about the wonderful QuakeCon promotion Valve is running wherin owning Bethesda-owned games (including of course stuff by id Software) gets you neat stuff in TF2. I think the neatest thing in there by far though is the rocket launcher based on the original one in Quake. They even made it so that when you have it equipped (it’s a Soldier weapon, natch), the weapon is in the center of your screen like it was in Quake. Where I think it was a bit odd though is that they tied it into owning Quake IV, instead of, oh say, the original Quake. I would’ve gone that route only because it would expose people to a classic like Quake, and because it’s less expensive. I’m not really complaining though, I now have a Genuine Original (Original being the name of the Quake Rocket Launcher in TF2), I’m thinking I’ll name it “7” and give it the description “HUAH HUAH HUAH HUAH HUAH HUAH HUAH”

My case for Digital Distribution

7 03 2010

A lot of people have said that digital distribution is a bad path for the game industry to take, mostly because of things like not having a tangible copy of the game and also the inevitable problems that would arise from a site shutting down or if the servers were offline. But personally I feel, given the way computer games have been slowly disappearing from retail stores even before things like Steam came along, that this is a good path for computer games to go down. I can use my own personal experiences watching the retail computer game market shrink to back this up.
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Rebels without a Clue

24 11 2009

I have decided, at long last, to put down my own thoughts on the recent heavy trend of gamers threatening to boycott games if certain things are not done. Specifically this is about my personal experiences going up against the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott, but also from talking to people who have complained about what Activision and Infinity Ward did with Modern Warfare 2 (but still play it anyway).

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