You Have to Hit the Block 2D Dev Blog #1

26 01 2013

So uh…this is a thing I’ve been doing:
You Have to Hit the Block: Screenshot 1

This is the really simple intro level to my 2D re-envisioning of You Have to Hit the Block. Since Game Maker: Studio’s free version only allows for 5 rooms, I sorta have to do the “tutorials” in the levels. Right now it’s pretty simple with no enemies and so forth, but that will change. I know it’s only going to be 4 levels long but this is more of a proof-of-concept than anything else. I should have more to show as we get closer to the end of January (which I know is a whole 5 days away).

Pardon my dust

24 01 2013

I realize it’s again been a long time since I posted, and I wish I had more to show and/or talk about but I don’t at this moment. In a couple days however I will. Currently the game I was working on has, like so many other projects, been shelved for the time being. I decided I wasn’t liking the art style I was going with and currently a friend and I are working on making some new assets.

However I will probably return to it in time now that I’m part of the whole One Game a Month challenge. Right now I’m working on revisiting “You Have to Hit the Block” from senior year of college by remaking it as a 2D game in Game Maker Studio. Sadly I’m a bit limited in what I can do with GM:S at the moment, since I only have the free version for the moment. Planning on changing that though.

In a couple days I plan to put up some screenshots of it; since I can only do a max of 5 rooms in the free version of Game Maker Studio, it’s bascially just going to be one “world”.