CTF_Server_Farms Update: Landscaping Issues

7 12 2010

Ok so I don’t have any images to show (mostly because I’ve just been patching up geometry), but the general archeticture of the level is now finished and can easily be copied and reversed to fill out the BLU side of the map. The major problem now is what I’m going to do in regards to landscaping. Originally I planned to put the whole level in a giant cave, even if that made the whole purpose of a skybridge silly. But admittedly this was partially so I wouldn’t have to do a 3D skybox at any point. To be honest though, I really should learn how to make a 3D skybox in Source. So of course the problem now becomes how to map out this level without making it look like just about every other CTF level in TF2. That is to say, two bases facing each other with an open area in the middle looking out over a vast nondescript piece of the American Southwest. The only official CTF map to my knowledge that bucks this trend is Sawmill and that’s partially because it’s a repurposed KOTH map. I’d ask if anybody has any thoughts but I know this blog isn’t viewed all that much, which is perfectly fair given my sporadic updates.


18 05 2009

First the quick news out of the way: Yesterday I completed my four-year journey to become one of the first people to go through WPI’s Interactive Media and Game Design major, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in the discipline. But more importantly (and more relevant to this blog I think), Valve has spent the past few days releasing info on their upcoming update to Team Fortress 2, which will add additional weapons and gear for the Sniper and Spy. Personally I think they’re kinda cool. For the Sniper we get a longbow that pins enemies to walls when it kills them, as well as a shield that protects against one backstab (as well as disabling the spy’s knife temporarily). The spy right now seems to be getting upgrades to his cloaking watch. One which will create a fake corpse when he takes a non-lethal hit and throwing up an instant cloak that lasts for 8 seconds (I am of course guessing that only works once) and one that will recharge energy as long as he remains still.
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