Stop me before I buy again

6 08 2011

I know I’ve been pretty quiet, mostly due to work, but I thought I’d talk about the wonderful QuakeCon promotion Valve is running wherin owning Bethesda-owned games (including of course stuff by id Software) gets you neat stuff in TF2. I think the neatest thing in there by far though is the rocket launcher based on the original one in Quake. They even made it so that when you have it equipped (it’s a Soldier weapon, natch), the weapon is in the center of your screen like it was in Quake. Where I think it was a bit odd though is that they tied it into owning Quake IV, instead of, oh say, the original Quake. I would’ve gone that route only because it would expose people to a classic like Quake, and because it’s less expensive. I’m not really complaining though, I now have a Genuine Original (Original being the name of the Quake Rocket Launcher in TF2), I’m thinking I’ll name it “7” and give it the description “HUAH HUAH HUAH HUAH HUAH HUAH HUAH”

Urban Renewal: Slush Fund Dev Blog

4 05 2011

It’s certainly been a while. I’ve been hard at work building the 3d Skybox for Slush fund so it doesn’t look like it’s hanging out in the middle of the sky as much. I’ve only got one side completed thus far (the other side I had a couple problems with displacements) but the side that is complete looks pretty good. Of course you don’t have to take my word for it or even agree with me, just take a look at these screenshots. I know some of the shadows are a little messed up but I’m not sure how to fix that just yet. Mostly this post is just to show some more progress work as I get closer and closer to the deadline and completion.

Ed is On Point: Slush Fund Dev Blog

28 03 2011

After 3 months of development I can say with absolute certainty that Slush Fund is finally in an Alpha testable phase. It’s not fully textured but just about all the necessary lighting (read: you can see what you need to) and all of the game logic is in place. With two months to go before the end of the contest I have a lot of confidence I’ll be able to get it all detailed, optimized, and personalized (naming the capture points for one thing) long before that. At least I hope I can considering it took 100 minutes to render the map with VVIS and VRAD at full, which means there’s a lot of room for optimization.

As always, here are some screenshots:

BLU Spawnroom. Lockers were added after this screenshot was taken.

Looking out of the leftmost doorway of the BLU spawn area

Lower Level of RED Base with a sign pointing to the next capture point

Bank Vault Interior looking back towards the Bank.

Another look at the interior of the Bank Vault

Upper Level of RED base with stairs and a sign

Tunnel exit into the upper level of RED base

More of the upper level of RED base

Bank Capture Point under new management

A successful test of the capture points.

Start me Up: Slush Fund Dev Blog

24 03 2011

I finally implemented the setup gates for the BLU side as well as gave them a functioning spawn room. This pretty much means the layout of the map is almost complete for testing. All I have to do now is finish setting up lights, add some resupply lockers, some on-map items (health and ammo) and then finish setting up the control points and get them working.

The only obstacle I seem to have to this is that Hammer seems really crash-prone now. Just today it crashed about 4 times in the span of an hour.

Anyway, here are some screenshots.

BLU Spawn. Currently untextured

BLU Spawn gates open

Interior of the Warehouse in the middle of neutral ground.

Interior of one of the houses in the map

Mining Tunnel Entrance

Startup gates with visible "no entry" overlays barring RED from entering

More Lights: Slush Fund Dev Blog

21 03 2011

So I had put up some more lights in Slush Fund a while back but never really took screencaps of them, I’m rectifying that situation right now. Here you’re going to see lights done for the interior of the bank, plus lights done in the RED base stairwell. I also re-did the lights in the mining tunnel so that there’s less of them. It’s still kind of bright but I’m not really complaining.

Bank Exterior; in dire need of a sign

Interior of the Bank, which surprisingly lit up pretty well

Mining Tunnel, now with half the lights

Looking down from the top of the RED base stairwell

Looking up from the bottom of the RED base stairwell

Quick Lighting Update: Slush Fund Dev Blog

7 03 2011

So here’s another update, this time showing some areas with lights in them.

The mining tunnel all lit up

Lighting in one of the houses

Lighting in the RED Spawn Room

Lighting in a RED Base Hallway

I think it’s coming along well. Granted some spots could be brighter (spawn room) and some could be dimmer (the mining tunnel) but this is mostly just to get the map playable at this point.

Downsizing: Slush Fund map dev blog

7 03 2011

So I went in and made some adjustments to the size of certain buildings and areas in Slush Fund. It looks a lot better now, and that’s not just because i’ve added environmental settings like the sun and so forth.

A shot from inside one of the houses

Exterior shot looking at a house and warehouse

Just outside BLU spawn.

I’d provide some shots of RED base but unfortunately there’s no lighting installed just yet (working on that now along with getting all the game logic in place). Also there’s been a slight hiccup regarding areaportals and a certain door model. So I have to figure out how I’m going to fix that. My plan is to have the map playable, but not necessarily fully textured, in a couple weeks.

Honey I Shrunk The Mercenary: Slush Fund dev blog

24 02 2011

So today I learned it’s very important to check the scale of things before building the whole entire map. Which seems like something I really should have done but I got too fixated on the whole architecture thing. I also forgot the standard door height is 192 units and not 256 like I was doing before. This is not the end of the world by any means, it just means I have to make a few tweaks. Which of course puts me back a bit in terms of doing things like terrain sculpting but oh well. I’ll get it eventually.

Anyway here are some screenshots. I’m particularly happy about how the displacement cliffs surrounding the BLU spawn are turning out.

This door doesn't actually go anywhere, it's just scenery.

While not entirely done, I am proud of the cliffs thus far

Mining Tunnel into RED's so huge

This is the Second Capture point, deep in the RED base

Not Much to Look At: Slush Fund dev blog

18 01 2011

So slush fund is slowly taking shape. I have the basic geometry from the BLU spawn to the first capture point mapped out. So here are some screenshots. There’s not much to see really, especially since there were some nodraw surfaces i hadn’t properly edited out, but I figure I should at least show something of a progress report.

Basically the map is evoking the feel of a small alpine town, with a bank serving as the first capture point. Like i said, not much to look at now, but that will change. currently I’m sculpting the displacement cliffs since I’m running into a bit of a creative block in terms of what the interior of the RED base will look like.

Contesting and Testing

12 01 2011

Just a quick little progress update. I have most of the floor plan of my new control point map for the contest (code-named “Slush Fund” right now) plotted out. It’s not much to look at so there aren’t going to be any screenshots for a bit. I do plan to have at least some preliminary screens by the end of this week, however.