Honey I Shrunk The Mercenary: Slush Fund dev blog

24 02 2011

So today I learned it’s very important to check the scale of things before building the whole entire map. Which seems like something I really should have done but I got too fixated on the whole architecture thing. I also forgot the standard door height is 192 units and not 256 like I was doing before. This is not the end of the world by any means, it just means I have to make a few tweaks. Which of course puts me back a bit in terms of doing things like terrain sculpting but oh well. I’ll get it eventually.

Anyway here are some screenshots. I’m particularly happy about how the displacement cliffs surrounding the BLU spawn are turning out.

This door doesn't actually go anywhere, it's just scenery.

While not entirely done, I am proud of the cliffs thus far

Mining Tunnel into RED base...it's so huge

This is the Second Capture point, deep in the RED base

Roofing: Slush Fund Dev Blog

9 02 2011

Not much to show at this point in time since I’m still finishing up basic level geometry. I do however have a screenshot from within Hammer of the first part of the Slush Fund map.

Basically this shows the various roofing I’ve put on most of the buildings thus far. I’m still debating whether I want that center building to have a slanted roof like the rest of the buildings here, or just a flat one to make it a bit different. I’m also still unsure if I’m going to have so many holes in the roofs. While I think from a gameplay standpoint they will be helpful, I’m not sure if they fit with the theme for the map. Then again one could buy into the idea that the whole town was just a hastily-constructed facade to hide the RED base from prying eyes, similar to one of those simulated towns they would build out in the Nevada desert when testing nuclear bombs.