DLC Review – Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta

12 08 2009

A couple weeks ago, having found that I had 900 or so Republic Credits Microsoft Points, I decided it would be a good idea to grab the last DLC pack that Bethesda has released for Fallout 3. I am of course talking about Mothership Zeta, which probably takes you the furthest possible distance in any Fallout game since you wind up in space.

Hm, must've taken a wrong turn at Rivet City

I’m going to try to avoid spoilers but be warned there might be a couple here or there. So read on, carefully.
(the truth is out there, click to find out)

Learn to do research: A rebuttal of misinformed analysis

9 07 2009

Ok so maybe this isn’t the best of ideas, but on the other hand I don’t think the article I’m about to tear into was the best of ideas either. On a blog known as Hellforge a writer known as Sol Invictus wrote an article claiming that Fallout 3’s story sucks because it’s not original, and that it’s not original because it relies too heavily on the previous games in the series. Which to me sounds extremely…what’s the word? Ah yes. Dumb. Now maybe this is just the work of one of the NMA (No Mutants Allowed: a Fallout community who has had no end of whining about Fallout 3) crowd being very disenfranchised. Or maybe he thought he had a good point. However there is just one thing that stands out above everything else: A huge lack of research and an even bigger lack of evidence backing up Invictus’ claims. And frankly, that’s what really bothers me. Yes, I understand how easy it is on the Internet to just throw something out there and get a bunch of people to smile and nod and go “yes, I suppose so”. And in fact that’s just what he’s done, with many comments espousing how many plot holes there are in Fallout 3 (as if the other Fallout games didn’t have any). So I offer this rebuttal with actual research done to stand as an alternative to madness that will probably go unnoticed. And yes, there are major spoilers ahead. (click to read more)