Syndicated Incorporated

16 02 2012

So last week I got a chance to sit down and play the co-op Multiplayer demo of EA’s reboot of Syndicate. I really enjoyed it. It felt kind of like a cyberpunk Left-4-Dead (which I’m sure many people have used to describe it) only your enemies also have guns, but I did have a couple issues. One issue was the sheer amount of info thrown at you in the UI. It was a bit overwhelming at first but eventually I got the hang of it, and to its credit the game doesn’t throw so much up there you literally can’t see anything (though a white UI against a white/grey clouded sky is a different matter). The other issue I had was the “boss” fights, in that they felt way too formulaic. Breach (hack) a guy’s armor/shields, fire on him, repeat until dead. Everything else about the game was good and even one of the people I was playing with, who was a die-hard original Syndicate fan, said he enjoyed the co-op experience.

Personally I’m still not sure what to think about the Syndicate reboot. I know it’s not really faithful to the original game, but I’m still intrigued by it and I think eventually I’ll give it a look.