First Steps: UDK Progress Report 1

5 12 2011

I reneged a bit on what I said because for reasons unbeknownst to me I’m really liking how my forays into UDK are coming along so far. Granted it’s just a bunch of BSPs with some lighting and default materials, but I figure it’s better than not updating for weeks at a time like normal.

So yeah, nothing really special, but you gotta start somewhere.

Urban Renewal: Slush Fund Dev Blog

4 05 2011

It’s certainly been a while. I’ve been hard at work building the 3d Skybox for Slush fund so it doesn’t look like it’s hanging out in the middle of the sky as much. I’ve only got one side completed thus far (the other side I had a couple problems with displacements) but the side that is complete looks pretty good. Of course you don’t have to take my word for it or even agree with me, just take a look at these screenshots. I know some of the shadows are a little messed up but I’m not sure how to fix that just yet. Mostly this post is just to show some more progress work as I get closer and closer to the deadline and completion.

Bunker Busting: Moai Caldera Dev Blog 5

25 06 2009

As I said I’ve now developed a better entry method into the structure of my level. I also would like to correct myself a bit. See when I said “guardhouse” I guess I really meant “bunker” or “pillbox”. I sloped the exterior walls a bit to give it more of a sturdy, military-grade look, although it’s still only dev-textured right now. I also have to consider I’ve left one section flat, just above the doorway, where I was going to put a symbol or some signage. I’m not sure if that would look good or not though.
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