Bunker Busting: Moai Caldera Dev Blog 5

25 06 2009

As I said I’ve now developed a better entry method into the structure of my level. I also would like to correct myself a bit. See when I said “guardhouse” I guess I really meant “bunker” or “pillbox”. I sloped the exterior walls a bit to give it more of a sturdy, military-grade look, although it’s still only dev-textured right now. I also have to consider I’ve left one section flat, just above the doorway, where I was going to put a symbol or some signage. I’m not sure if that would look good or not though.

Bunker Entryway Exterior for Moai Caldera

Bunker Entryway Exterior for Moai Caldera

Any Thoughts? I know a couple people at least are following my misadventures in mapmaking, so maybe I can get some advice. And if not, there’s always tf2maps.net

Granted this is not how the entry bunkers will look when i’m done. I’m planning to definitely make them look damaged, and have holes in the roof with debris littering the floor. I want it to look like something happened to this place the instant you come upon it, yet at the same time make things look otherwise fine once you get into the guts in the building. In fact the whole reason I’m doing that is inspiration from a Fallout 3 location, now that I think of it (minus the real grit). When Operation Anchorage was added to that game, they added an area that was essentially a BoS Outcast dig site. Going down into the dig site everything still looks run-down and gritty as per standard post-apocalyptic scenarios. But you pass through a couple doors and suddenly everything’s colored and lit up well again.

Above the undeground facility in F3 (image courtesy The Vault: A Fallout Wiki)

Above the undeground facility in F3 (image courtesy The Vault: A Fallout Wiki)

And below, a preserved piece of history (Image Courtesy of The Vault: A Fallout Wiki)

And below, a preserved piece of history (Image Courtesy of The Vault: A Fallout Wiki)

You have a small preserved part of pre-war technology with barely any wear and tear on it existing many feet below what used to be a building, and it’s just a cool and jarring transition that I’d love to try to replicate the same kind of effect in this level. Course I’m also planning to have a partially sunken basement, but that’s a story for another time.




3 responses

26 06 2009
Dan Tennant

The structure looks good, but I worry it might be sized a bit too big. The height for your generic room is usually 192 units, which comes out to 1.5 of the “Wall” dev texture squares, or six of the small squares in the “grid” dev textures. Right now you have the height of that doorway set to 2 walls / 8 grid squares, or 256 units high, which May feel too “airy” once you’ve got something other than dev textures applied.

Finally (and this is fairly far-looking), recall that RED bases tend towards angled roofs, where as BLU bases have flat tops. If you’re going for a more cementy, white look (a la Hydro), then the bunkers would work well, but you’ll need to think a LOT harder about how to differentiate the two sides. What you don’t want to end up with is identical bunkers on either side of the arena with only posters and logos differentiating them. Of course, I’m not 100% sure of your layout, so maybe this Bunker is in the middle and that’s that.

But yeah, I like the bunker-esque feel you’ve got from the slopes walls, and it’s good to finally see an in-game screeny of the map!

26 06 2009

Well, my idea was more the fact that this base structure is the closest thing you get to neutral ground in TF2 (being an abandoned spytech facility), so the entry bunkers would not be adorned in the typical fashion…also i have no clue how to do angled roofs and I’ve looked at both the Valve maps and at any tutorials on tf2maps.net to try and figure that out, so for now i’m not worrying about it.

The plan I had, as far as side differentiation was, was that the two starting points for each team would be distinct enough and colored appropriately, set up as small base camps for each side. I know it’s probably not the best looking-idea graphically, but again as my first map I’m just trying to get the hang of the basics, while also doing things to make up for the sort of…generic-ness i’m drifting towards (I was thinking of making a custom wall texture for the interior, for example)

But, thank you for the input and I’ll definetely consider those dimension adjustments. I had problems earlier because I left the grid on spacing every 64 units but now that i’ve cut it down to 32 i can adjust things more precisely.

27 06 2009
Dan Tennant

Ahh, if that’s the case then the structure makes lots of sense!

As for angled roofs, look me up on Steam for a chat, we’ll figure out where the confusion lies and how to fix it! =)

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