More musings on Fallout 3

20 02 2009

I don’t really mean to talk about Fallout 3 this much but I thought I’d address the problem of people complaining about the lack of scale compared to the other two games. While on the one hand they’re right about the gameworld being smaller and the civilian population being smaller, I feel that Bethesda did this not out of technical limitations, but because they chose to show a much different outcome of the Vault Experiments.

Stay with me on this. Oh and there are going to be spoilers for all 3 games of a fashion, so consider yourself warned. Do not click if you don’t wish to have your possible story enjoyment wrecked like Shea Stadium is now (baseball humor lol). (click to read more)

In which I talk for the first time about something almost done

17 02 2009

So for almost half a year now I’ve been working on my MQP (Major Qualifying Project) at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) in which my group and I made a module for NWN (Neverwinter Nights) and we’re now JAD (Just About Done) and I will be RFR (Really Frakkin’ Relieved) especially since I can stop with all the GDP (Goddamn Parentheses).

Well anyway, I am glad that we are finishing up the first, and unfortunately only, round of beta testing, and are about 1 week away from releasing the module to the masses. The module’s name? Overstayed Welcome.
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Alternate Backstory Symposium: Fallout

13 02 2009

People that know me know I enjoy backstory and flavor text in video games more than most people. In fact, sometimes I get frustrated when a game or TV show doesn’t like to provide its backstory, but usually that’s an incentive for me to keep watching or playing (example: the Xenosaga trilogy).

However I’d have to say what I really enjoy is a game that combines my love for history and my love for fluff material (Click to read more…)

A time to be funny and a time to be serious

12 02 2009

Initially I was going to call this blog simply “Angry Ed” or something like that, based on the running joke I got attached to me in my sophomore year. In the machinima course I was in we often spent 6-8 hours a day filming a scene. Often times things would have to be re-done over very silly mistakes.  Now tensions always ran high, I was just the only person who would tend to…blow his stack.

The thing was that it eventually just ended up becoming funny to them, and eventually became the name of our group. The irony of course being they wanted me to curse loudly when the logo came up but by that point I was mellowed out and didn’t want to monkey for them.

In a way this kind of illustrates my point. There is a time to be funny and a time to be serious. As much as I wouldn’t mind branding myself to be the video game industry equivalent of Jim Cramer, the fact remains I really shouldn’t…at least not yet.

So I’m still messing around with titles but I’ll come up with something eventually