Sliding into 2014, Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

31 12 2013

So 2013 is at an end, and I’m still working on Shuffle Breaker. This is good because it’s probably the longest I’ve stuck with one of my little game projects, having tinkered with it over the last six months, but bad because I was hoping I’d be a bit further along than I was before. Anyway, here are a couple screenshots, now showing off the new floor for the “environment” complete with some normal mapping.

Tiled Flooring in Shuffle BreakerCarpet Flooring in Shuffle Breaker

See you all next year, hopefully with this little project growing by leaps and bounds.

Still at it – Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

11 12 2013

So yeah I’m still alive and still working on this. Black Friday/Holiday work at my retail job has made it difficult to find time to work on the game but I’m still doing so at a decent enough pace. I decided to revamp the UI a little bit, going for more of a chalkboard motif as you can see here:

Class is in SessionThere’s also a bigger version here at a better aspect ratio, which also shows off the logo/icon I’ve made for the game a bit. (click for full size)Shuffle Breaker Title Screen - 16By9 Version


I’m also working on making more of a background/environment for the game stage, which is still in a very rough state but here’s an in-engine screenshot of it just for kicks:

No gaffers required.

Hopefully i’ll have some substantial preview footage up before the year is out, until then, back to the digital grindstone.