While waiting for Unity 4.6, here’s what I did

7 12 2014

So some of you might’ve seen the little picture I did a while back, trying to work on my pixel art abilities again:Crater City
That was a lot of fun and I soon followed it up with another picture:


But I’ve also been playing a lot of games because a lot of stuff came out in the past couple of weeks, and I was waiting for Unity 4.6 to came out (and it finally has). I’ll mostly just stick to talking about the new games that came out.

First up I’ve been playing quite a bit of Far Cry 4. The Far Cry series has certainly been a bit odd, hasn’t it. Going from a glorified tech demo involving transgenic creatures (Far Cry/Instincts/Predator/Vengeance/w/e), to a game about malaria (2), to a game about how you shouldn’t sleep with crazy (3), to the best send-up of the 1980s in years (Blood Dragon starring Michael Biehn). Far Cry 4 isn’t all that different from 3, although the protagonist is a bit less of a blank slate/SoCal douchebag, and the setting of the Himalayas is a nice change from Yet Another Tropical Paradise in Trouble. You also get the wingsuit a lot earlier, which is nice but I’ve surprisingly not found a lot of chances to utilize it.

Also there's 2-player free-roam co-op with hovercrafts!

Also there’s 2-player free-roam co-op with hovercrafts!

The game is gorgeous and a lot of fun, combat still feels great and you do get a feel for a more civil war aspect than in the previous game. That said I’m finding it troubling that people are talking up how cool Pagan Min is despite the fact that I’m pretty sure if you’re falling for a character created to be a cult-of-personality-type, then it’s probably worked all too well. That said, maybe the ending will reveal more about what people are saying (I highly doubt it excuses two decades of oppression, torture, and wholesale slaughter though).

The other big game I’ve been playing recently is of course, Super Smash Bros for the Wii U.

Yeah, Mario, 8-man smash confuses me too

Yeah, Mario, 8-man smash confuses me too

So this is pretty much the quintessential Smash Bros. experience for me now. So many characters, color options, costume options, so many game modes, and music from so many games, it’s an amazing love letter to all of Nintendo and its fans, from Nintendo. Granted it’s not perfect, but it’s still a lot of fun. I also had fun with the Smash Tour mode although I understand the complaints about it being way too confusing. That said I find it hilarious people are now wishing the Wii U version also had Smash Run instead of Smash Tour, thus proving again that gamers as a whole really don’t know what they actually want.

Also I think a lot of the characters are secretly JoJo characters. I mean just look at these poses:



Also to say nothing of Zelda’s phantom attack. Also consider the fact that both Sakurai and Araki (the mangaka who created JoJo) seem to be ageless.