I need an update schedule: Shuffle Break Dev Blog

16 11 2013

So it’s been about a month since I last updated, which isn’t all that good. What is good is that my option selections in Shuffle Break now save not only when players return to the main menu but also when they exit the game entirely and come back. Turns out NGUI actually has a built-in system for passing selections in menus and checkboxes to Unity’s PlayerPrefs. Further cementing NGUI as both awesome and a good investment.

I also updated Unity to version 4.3, which isn’t a big deal now but whenever I get back to doing stuff of a 2D nature it’ll definitely be a big deal.

Still working on it, Suburban Assault Riders Dev Blog #2

12 02 2013

I don’t have any new screens to show since most of the work right now is in code and the like, but Suburban Assault Riders is coming along nicely. I now have an animated walk cycle for people (although it looks kinda goofy) and they’re coded to shoot back at the enemy. Just posting to say I haven’t like, given up after 2 days or anything. Right now I’m trying to figure out how much I can do in February, and then perhaps follow it up in a later month with a more “full” version.

EDIT: Also I’m trying to spruce up my portfolio and my Ludography pages, so have this:

Yes I totally did whip this Under Construction Sign up in like 5 minutes just to do this

Yes I totally did whip this Under Construction Sign up in like 5 minutes just to do this

The First of Many: TF2 Mapmaking Dev Blog Entry #1

30 05 2009

So I’ve decided, in between hunting for jobs that is, to begin work on developing maps for Team Fortress 2. After messing around with Hammer for the first time in a couple years, I feel I’m grasping the basics relatively quickly again and have thus embarked on my first map, which probably will not be for general consumption unless it comes out really well. It’s an arena map that has been inspired by two things

1. You Only Live Twice
2. The UT map “Facing Worlds”

The idea is relatively simple. On a caldera island made by a long-dormant/extinct volcano, a Spytech base exists built into the rock. However it has been abandoned for some time. The two teams fight over it to find out its secrets.

The part that’s based on “Facing Worlds” is that the spawn points for each team I am planning to model after the Moai statues on Easter Island, essentially having the teams run out the “mouth” of the statue when the round begins.

So far I have the center capture point room and adjacent hallways built, I’m busy working on how I plan to have the rest of the interior flow, and get that modeled, before i build the terrain above it.

EDIT: Here’s an in-Hammer picture. I really need to find a fast way to mirror my hallway geometry. As to the huge grey thing on top of the central room, that’s just a placeholder to cover the hole I put in the ceiling, to give the idea that the place is abandoned and a bit run-down.

Moai Caldera: Early Construction

Moai Caldera: Early Construction