Here are the projects I worked on in 2013, arranged from January on down. Screenshots can be clicked for larger versions.

You Have to Hit the Block 2D

“You Have to Hit the Block” (2D) is a 2D remake of You Have to Hit the block that was attempted in Senior year of College at WPI. I made it for One Game a Month in January 2013 using the free version of Game Maker: Studio and as such it is only 4 rooms long. The entire objective is in the title. Hit the block at the end of the level. Of course sometimes it isn’t that easy. I do plan to expand on this game later. It can be downloaded from here

You Have to Hit the Block screenshot

Ablation (2013)
“Ablation” is a vertical shooter version of Ablative Starfighter that I created for One Game a Month in March of 2013 using Game Maker: Studio The core concept of upgrades slowing the player down still exists, it’s just now presented in a different format. Currently the demo is only three levels long, and there are two different ships to choose from for the player to control. Both ships have slightly different characteristics.

Game can be downloaded from here

Ablation Screenshot

Mondrian Base Defense
“Mondrian Base Defense” is a simple tower defense game I created for Ludum Dare Jam 26 and One Game a Month in April of 2013. It was mostly a way of learning more about some systems in Game Maker studio, as well as challenging myself to create something quickly. Pretty simple game, place and upgrade turrets and defend your minimalist stronghold from enemy attack.

Game can be downloaded from here

MBD Screenshot 2Shuffle Breaker

Shuffle Breaker is the project of 2013 I liked working on the most aside from Ablation. It’s a hybrid of Air Hockey and Breakout that I created in Unity for the PC. I first created the proof of concept in June of 2013 and spent the next six months (and beyond) working on improving the graphics, physics, and general concept. I’m looking to possibly make a Mobile version as well in the future. You can download the most recent version of the game here.

Tiled Flooring in Shuffle BreakerShuffle Breaker Alpha 2-player screenshot

Also here is a video compiling my 2013 projects into a quick sort of demo reel.



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