More Shuffling: Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

10 02 2014

Not much to report, going on a one week hiatus (yeah I know, it’s not like most people would be able to tell given my infrequent updates) but I did fix the nGUI in Shuffle Breaker as well as make the point goal system and block shuffling a bit more robust.

RandomLayout1 ShuffleBreakerPublicAlpha 2014-02-08 16-29-13-58 ShuffleBreakerPublicAlpha 2014-02-08 16-29-23-93 ShuffleBreakerPublicAlpha 2014-02-08 16-29-33-85 ShuffleBreakerPublicAlpha 2014-02-08 16-29-56-05 ShuffleBreakerPublicAlpha 2014-02-08 16-30-08-20

Granted some things need to be fixed, especially the alignment on the UI elements becuase the nGUI update still seems to have broken it, I’m just glad things are looking better now.

Break ALL the UI: Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

2 02 2014

So a friend gave me an idea to get around my issue of not being sure if or how to make new and interseting block layouts for Shuffle Breaker. The solution, of course, was random generation. Which has given me stuff like this:

Random Layout Test 1Random Layout Test 2

Pretty cool, if a bit constrained. I was also working on changing the object of the game to be reaching a point limit instead of having the most points after all blocks are broken. That’s where things got difficult. I was using an older version of nGUI (something like 2.3 I think) and the UIInput(saved) methods weren’t working (though this may have been my fault for not setting it up right). So I updated it to the latest version (3.4 I think?). The end result being that because of messing a few things up I ended up losing my sprite atlas, breaking all the fonts, and utterly destroying my UI. Also because I didn’t set up source control (because one-man project) I couldn’t revert. So…whoops!

Fortunately I’m working on rebuilding the UI and it’s coming out well, possibly even better in some respects. But expect very few screenshots or GIFs until I have all that resolved.