Pixel Dailies and other stuff

27 01 2015

So a bunch of life stuff and a sinus infection happened this month so I haven’t done too much worth of note. I am starting to get the hang of doing mobile/touch based gaming which is nice, and I spent some time making nicer sprites for the new version of Ablation:

Golden Jackal Mk IIBasically after looking at a bunch of different vertical shooters both old and new, I realized the way they tend to “light” their sprites as far as shading is to do it as if the light source was directly (or almost directly) overhead.

I also started doing up some of the new bosses but they’re just in what amounts to the sprite version of a sketch or wireframe so I can’t show you those right now.

And lastly I’ve also been doing Pixel Dailies a lot, via the twitter account of the same name. Some of them haven’t come out too well but here’s a few that I am particularly proud of for those who don’t follow my twitter:

Boat at Night

Bomberman theme

Tron Theme

That’s all for now, I really plan to update more in 2015 and stay on top of things so stay tuned!

2015 Starts off with a Blue Screen

2 01 2015

Well, not literally. But I did get a virus just days before the new year necessitating a complete reinstall of Windows. Fortunately nothing truly important was lost because my OS drive didn’t contain any vital programs, games, or files.

It also means I can show off a couple small 2D textures I worked on in the past month (out of many)

Red Brick, 64x64

Red Bricks, 32x32


Variations on a theme, obviously, but just giving you an idea. Most of the stuff I’m working on now is going to be 32×32 pixels like the second image. All of this in preparation of course for my next big project of revisiting Ablation from 2013.

Also since I was reinstalling Windows, I decided to install the Graphics card my parents gave me for Christmas

GTX 760

Even came with a cool new case sticker for me to slap on my computer case.

Not pictured, the bizarrely horizontal sticker from EVGA from my last graphics card

Not pictured, the bizarrely horizontal sticker from EVGA from my last graphics card

I seem to be all about computer case stickers for some weird reason, possibly just because it lets people see at a glance what someone’s rig has under the hood, and adds more personality.

Well that’s all for now, hope to talk more games and game dev stuff soon.