I made a tutorial about Unity and Coroutines in C#…

17 11 2014

Now that Block Break Air Hockey has been released (and is now in version 1.1), I’m taking my time to do some smaller projects while I wait for Unity 4.6’s full release to hit. One such project is doing tutorial videos for issues that, while really obvious, can sometimes be missed.

In this case, I had a big issue with Coroutines when making them in C# in Unity for the purposes of having actions happen on a delay. I spent weeks searching for an answer but couldn’t really find one. Fortunately a helpful goon in the Something Awful forums game dev thread answered my question, and I decided to take that solution, work it into a video tutorial, and share it with the world. Yes it’s a simple problem, but often we overlook these issues.

I recommend watching it on YouTube’s own page so you can see the text easier. Hopefully I can make more simple tutorials in the future, but this is it for now.




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