Will it Blender? – From Pixels to Polys

6 05 2014

So in between working on Shuffle Breaker and playing stuff like AC IV: Black Flag, Dark Souls II, and Mario Golf World Tour, I’ve also been diving back into making more complex things with Blender. I decided as a challenge to myself, to take the Golden Jackal ship from my Ablation prototype, and turn it into an actual ship.

If you don’t remember, the Golden Jackal looks like this:


Before I could make it 3D though, I decided to revise the design, and get rid of the side-mounted engine pylons in favor of something mounted in the back of the fuselage.



And then using this as a template, I went to work, and here’s what I’ve got so far.

3D Gold Jackal Draft

Granted it’s not done, I sorta left out the wing pylons on the end and I’m not sure I’m going to put them back in, but not bad for about 5-6 hours of cumulative work. Hopefully the UV mapping goes as smoothly.