Still at it – Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

11 12 2013

So yeah I’m still alive and still working on this. Black Friday/Holiday work at my retail job has made it difficult to find time to work on the game but I’m still doing so at a decent enough pace. I decided to revamp the UI a little bit, going for more of a chalkboard motif as you can see here:

Class is in SessionThere’s also a bigger version here at a better aspect ratio, which also shows off the logo/icon I’ve made for the game a bit. (click for full size)Shuffle Breaker Title Screen - 16By9 Version


I’m also working on making more of a background/environment for the game stage, which is still in a very rough state but here’s an in-engine screenshot of it just for kicks:

No gaffers required.

Hopefully i’ll have some substantial preview footage up before the year is out, until then, back to the digital grindstone.




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