GIFamania Running Wild: Shuffle Breaker Dev Blog

25 06 2013

So I know I haven’t been updating the blog recently, that’s mostly cause I’ve been kinda busy. But while being busy with life stuff I’ve also been working (slowly) on an idea that a friend tossed my way. That idea, is a combination of Breakout and Air Hockey that I like to call “Shuffle Breaker”.  (Warning, animated GIFs ahead)

Using AI? You better believe that's a paddlin'

Using AI? You better believe that’s a paddlin’

Shuffle Breaker (created in Unity) combines the goal-scoring nature of Air Hockey with the block breaking of Breakout or Arkanoid. While the scoring isn’t in just yet the plan is for players to be able to score points not only by breaking blocks, but also by scoring on their opponent’s goal. Of course, to do that we need more than one puck now don’t we?

Double the Pucks, Double the Fun

Double the Pucks, Double the Fun

When the scoring does get implemented, each puck will be color-coded to a player (one for red, one for blue). In order to score points from breaking blocks the player must break blocks with their own specifically-colored puck. Right now I just have a 1-player vs. AI going on but the ultimate plan will be for 1-player and 2-player gaming, both via hotseat and also a network/Internet. I’m really excited about this endeavour, and so are the pucks apparently!






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