Punting again

31 05 2013

So I have to punt on my OneGameAMonth game for May. Due to losing a week because of life stuff it sorta made it hard to even complete a prototype. So this is all I really had at this point. Invaders of the Stratosphere Prototype Shot
As far as functionality I only just incorporated picking up hostages and even that was a bit spotty. So I’m not too upset over not being able to finish it again this time. I certainly did learn quite a bit again, and really that’s what’s important at this rate. June and July are going to be interesting since I plan to participate in SA Game Dev VIII (I think it’s the 8th one) and June is the prep month for that. I’m planning to brush up on Unity during that month in order to get my skills back in order, including learning how to do the scripting in C# instead of UnityScript/JavaScript.




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