Suburban Assault Riders Dev Blog 1

7 02 2013

My game for One Game a Month for February is going to be a bit of an homage to the classic Konami NES game Jackal that i’m calling Suburban Assault Riders. Instead of driving through the jungle rescuing POWs, you’re driving through Suburbia fighting a faceless corporation who is totally not Omni Consumer Products because I totally wasn’t watching Robocop last night.

So far I don’t have much aside from a design document and these three protagonist vehicles I whipped up in GraphicsGale. Hopefully I should have enough time between work and such to keep at it though.

Protagonist Vehicles

Protagonist Vehicles

The Red car is based on a Ferrari, the green pickup is based on a Chevrolet Silverado (with a side-mounted gatling gun as an homage to Tango & Cash), and the Blue sedan is based on the Subaru WRX. Each one will have it’s own different upgrade path for weapons. I haven’t decided if I’m going to have the player vehicles have health or if they’ll just die in one hit, we’ll see.

Keep watching this blog for more to come.




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