Pixels, Voxels, and the Editing of Both

20 09 2012

People who have known me for a while know that I’m really not much of an artist. For whatever reason it never really clicked with me. However one are I have been attempting to improve in is the realm of pixel art. I’ve mostly been making small sprites no bigger than 64×64 but it’s been a lot of fun, leading to stuff like the following (warning: image-heavy):

So that’s been a lot of fun. Recently though I’m branching out even further into the world of volumetric pixels, or voxels. Same principles applying to pixel art only in 3D. I’ve been experimenting with the free edition of Qubicle Constructor and in only about an hour or so I produced some stuff like the following, using pre-existing pixel art I had made before (note: these are animated GIFs so click to see the animation).

I’m really enjoying Qubicle Constructor, and given that it has a Unity plugin, I will definetely consider purchasing it once I have the funds.




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