Dust Settling

18 09 2012

So it’s been a hectic past couple of months. I left my job and moved down to Maryland with a couple friends of mine in order to try and make a go at some independent ventures. While doing that I’ve also been getting back into working on Tesseract as well as another project to be named later. People who remember “Ablative Starfighter” will be familiar with the second project however.

As for the changes I’ve made to Tesseract, I’ve implemented the treasure into the main game itself instead of just my test level, and also done some behind-the-scenes work towards fixing my code. Specifically I’ve been trying to create a generic weapons script that I can just drop into any weapon. The only thing holding that up however is the way I have scripts relying on one-another to do things like handle reloads. I also still haven’t made any new weapons for the player to acquire just yet mostly because I don’t have the inventory implemented yet. I think if I implemented the inventory it’d go a long way towards fixing some of these reliance problems.

In any event, here’s Tesseract v0.19 for download. The only real noticeable change aside from the Treasure pickups is the spread on the Shotgun has been expanded somewhat.




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