SOPA Soliloquy

18 01 2012

Today numerous sites “blacked out” their content in protest of SOPA and PIPA, the anti-piracy bills in the House and Senate, respectively. Sites including Wikipedia, Reddit, Rock Paper Shotgun, and many others. The funny part is though that with judicious application of noscript or disabling javascript or various other ways, one can bypass the blackouts. The real genius of this however is that it serves as a metaphor for how useless SOPA and PIPA would be at stopping online Piracy. People who want to circumvent security measures will always be able to do so or will find a way. The real way to stop piracy is not by treating everyone like a criminal, but by making it so that the criminality isn’t worth it vs. being a paying customer. Steam has this figured out. Sure it’s DRM, but it’s not agressive and thus I’m glad to give them my money. They’re just an example. Anyway this was just a little musing of mine, nothing to read into too seriously.




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