The map formerly known as Slush Fund: Frozen Assets Dev Blog

11 05 2011

So the name change is official now. Slush Fund will hereafter be known as Frozen Assets.

I just finished going around the map testing out my latest set of changes which included putting in a fully working soundscape and almost completing the 3D skybox. I say “almost” because there’s still some minor graphical glitches that ruin the effect that I have to sort out. I also ran into some lighting issues that needed to be fixed. Those are fixed now in what I hope will be the “final” iteration of the Slush Fund/Frozen Assets development cycle but who knows.

I’ve also created two more custom posters that I’ve put inside my level, but lighting issues make them hard to read in-engine so i’ll just show them off along with some screenshots right after the jump:

Well this would be one way to dissuade it

I couldn't find how much a safety deposit box would go for in the 1960s so I ripped the price off

As you can see these are keeping in with the “bank” motif I went for with the facade hiding the RED base, in the form of advertisements for bank services. Now onto the screenshots.

I also added some signage for the Bank itself

BLU spawn has been textured. Lighting is a bit dim here but has been fixed

This half of the 3D skybox still needs some detailing work

Added some lights to the signs and an office with computers

Another office in the RED base

The Vault got a few more details added like the exit signs.

I’m really loving how well this map has come together and I’m feeling pretty good about entering it in the contest. Not that I expect to win mind you.




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