Prop Department: Slush Fund Dev Blog

18 04 2011

Still keeping the map name as “Slush Fund” for the moment. However I have been hard at work finishing texturing the map, as well as making lighting adjustments and adding props. Prop additions are coming along nicely, I had to dig into some publicly-released content from in order to populate the vault with some riches but I think it’s turning out pretty well.

Second Capture point with some added walls

RED spawn now with a vent system running through it.

A room full of Data Reels. Lighting needs some work.

Some stacks of gold bars in the Vault

A safety deposit box room for added scenery.

Another look at the Vault

Looking a bit more like a bank now.

Added some signs to the building exteriors

Beginning to populate the Warehouse

Lastly, as an added bonus, here’s a screengrab taken from the playtest where the server host hacked in a bunch of sentry turrets all tied to his player and then created a laser light show with the Wrangler.




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