Start me Up: Slush Fund Dev Blog

24 03 2011

I finally implemented the setup gates for the BLU side as well as gave them a functioning spawn room. This pretty much means the layout of the map is almost complete for testing. All I have to do now is finish setting up lights, add some resupply lockers, some on-map items (health and ammo) and then finish setting up the control points and get them working.

The only obstacle I seem to have to this is that Hammer seems really crash-prone now. Just today it crashed about 4 times in the span of an hour.

Anyway, here are some screenshots.

BLU Spawn. Currently untextured

BLU Spawn gates open

Interior of the Warehouse in the middle of neutral ground.

Interior of one of the houses in the map

Mining Tunnel Entrance

Startup gates with visible "no entry" overlays barring RED from entering




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