Two blog entries in the same week? CTF_Server_Farms update

16 12 2010

Well after putting my WiP shots up on, I got some feedback concerning the skybridge. They said it was too enclosed, and I was inclined to believe that. So after going through a wealth of design ideas I eventually changed the bridge…then changed it again into the form seen now.

I’ve provided a number of large windows for players to fire out of as well as exit the bridge from should they get pinned down by a sniper or turret. I’ve also added a ramp near the halfway point of the bridge so that players have another entry and exit point. This also has the benefit of adding more ground cover to the level in the form of bridge abutments and supports. The reason all the bridge components are textured right now mostly came out of trying to find materials that would look good and make sense for a bridge. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep them the way they are but they might be subject to change, who can say.

I also added a bunker on the left side of the map, again for cover purposes. I don’t really know why the material I chose for the roof and floor of it is so glossy, though, but that’s an easily-handled minor texture change.

In a way, these changes have actually given me ideas for a “story” to why this map exists in its form. The data centers and servers are used to process combat data from the fighting that primarily takes place in the center area, and the Intelligence the teams are trying to steal would be each side’s respective findings. Yeah I know it’s silly but this is Team Fortress, after all.




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