CTF_Mainframes Dev Blog 2

16 05 2010

For now I’m just going to refer to the map as Mainframes until I come up with a finalized name. It’s coming along nicely although I’m reaching a point where I might be in danger of running into the dangers of making areas too open like I did with Aleutia. This time the problem lies with the skybridge.

Right now it’s this bizarre optical illusion of sorts. I’m intentionally leaving out spots where there’s no glass (right now there’s no glass on the right side in that pic because I hadn’t gotten to it) so people could leap off the bridge and to the ground below if necessary, however this doesn’t change the problem inherent in that the bridge is really just a straight line with no cover, and thus a prime candidate for sniping. So I’m thinking of tearing down the bridge and building something a little more serpentine in nature so it won’t be quite so easy for people to get bogged down by sniper fire while crossing it.




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