Untitled CTF TF2 Map Dev Blog #1

11 05 2010

I don’t really have a name for this map yet, tentatively calling it “Server Farms” although I like the name “Mainframes” better. Essentially I’m trying to do what I attempted to do with Aleutia and create two bases holding a large number of computer mainframes and terminals for people to fight in, in addition to the regular standard CTF base trappings like battlements and what have you.

Speaking of battlements, here’s a quick look at the plans for mine:

Basically I wanted to create a somewhat extravagant skybridge as one of the ways into the bases aside from the front doors. I also thought it would be neat to use one of the tile textures to display the teams’ respective logos on the floor of the rooms that lead into and out of the skybridge. This was just a little test to see how it might look, of course I’ll have no idea for sure how it’ll look until the whole thing is textured. For now though I’m still working out the architecture.




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