Update on Prototyping and Aleutia

12 04 2010

Although I really wanted to use Flixel, I’ve decided that really for the game idea I wanted to prototype I don’t need to prove I can program it, just that it’s an idea with merit. So I’m using Game Maker. Yes I know, but if it was good enough for Spelunky I think it’s good enough for a few prototypes of my silly ideas. I’ve already made most of the sprites for one of my prototypes, now it’s just a matter of building the vertical shooter framework and making some adjustments to it.

In other news I have almost solved the problem of Aleutia’s asymmetry, it’s still not perfect (and again, seems that it never will be) but at this point I’m willing to let it be, finish it up, put it up in its alpha 2 version, and move onto my next idea. Better to learn from it and improve next time than to never try again after all.




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