Symmetrical Antagonism (Aleutia Dev Blog)

18 03 2010

So far Aleutia still isn’t symmetrical, in fact I doubt it ever will be. Despite my best efforts something just isn’t clicking together just right to be lined up properly. I’m thinking that the A2 version of Aleutia will probably be the last and that I may need to abandon it because right now the only way to achieve perfect symmetry would be to start over again from scratch. No matter what, it won’t ever be perfectly balanced. It will be playable, but probably not enjoyable. Abandoning a map is never an easy thing to do but this was a valuable learning experience despite the problems. I have other ideas for maps that i can make, learning from the mistakes I made in this one. So I am committed to at least having a playable version of the revised Aleutia, but I do think that’s as far as it will be able to go for the foreseeable future.




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