Renovations! (koth_aleutia dev blog)

11 03 2010

This is a very short update, to the tune of not even having any screens to show.

It’s only been a couple hours since i submitted Aleutia a1 to, and I’ve already recieved some feedback. None of it overly positive but the criticism leveled at the map has been constructive and helpful. Namely people seem to think it’s still too open to spawncamping, and that the map will suffer from not being symmetrical. I actually tend to believe heavily in the second part and as such have been tearing up the map. The server room is now going to become the entire basement of the map, and lead up to the control point. I’m also moving the BLU base entrance over a bit and redoing displacements there since that was a spot I was never happy with. It not only was breaking symmetry but was also making it hard to keep displacements from forming seams. If all goes well I should be ready to put out version a2, with most of the complaints addressed, in about a week or two. My self-imposed goal is to have it done before PAX East Weekend, which is the 26th. I’m still not entirely sure how i’ll fix spawncamping seeing as how i’ve done just about everything I could. I might expand one of the spawn room exits to make it harder to keep everything covered or just give each team three spawn rooms but I’m not sure yet.




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