Lights, Cap-Point, Action! (Moai Island Dev Blog)

16 02 2010

Work is proceeding at a decent pace on Moai Island now. Still no Moai statues though. In fact I’m almost considering ditching that idea in place of putting a wrecked plane on the island instead but I still have a ways to go before I deal with that. While the file name still lists it as an Arena Map I’ve decided I’m going to throw caution to the wind and make it a King of the Hill Map. The logic for KOTH was fairly easy to put in place (thanks to and I think the fact that it’s on the smaller side will make for far tenser battles.

Anyway, here are some more screen shots. First up, a shot from inside the BLU spawn point. It’s still under construction but those doors work perfectly.

Impressive, but could you give us a roof?

Next up is an image I got while respawning, showing off some of the terrain as well as the satellite dish I finally decided would adorn the roof of the main building.

Just resting, boss

Then I have a shot of the interior of that same building, such as it is, now with a working capture point.

Lastly is a look at the server room in the island base, which connects to the room beneath the capture point room.

And yet all of this information could be stored on one DVD today.

Obviously I still have a lot of work to do, like optimizing lighting and texturing the interior, but I’m glad it’s shaping up really well so far.